2.12 Thursday | 14:00 | Kibbutz Yiron

Celebrating Agri-Yiron

Agroscout’s new innovative hub &
the Relocation Project official launch

Join Us!

Job seekers, Investors, Customers, Freelancers, Co-Founders, from all around the region and enjoy the content and networking with others like you.

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Networking, great food (Kosher) & Booth stands


Yaal Loven | CEO of Nortech-Platform
Opening statement - Community, platform & relocation


Simcha Shore | CEO of Agroscout
Agroscout’s vision, achievements and quality tech jobs they will offer at their new home - Kibbutz Yiron


Einat Katz-Sharony | Director of operations in the Lauder center Galilee
The Lauder center & the tech relocation project


Panel led by the Lauder Center
Nitzan Sela-Bloom | Eastern Galilee, Program Manager - Welcome
Nir Eli | Golan Heights Regional Municipality, Head of Innovation & hightech dep.
Miri Yatziv | Upper Galilee Regional Municipality, Head of Growth
Boaz Roth | Valens, Head of the Northern R&D site


Gathering together to light Hanukkah candles (4th candle) and enjoy the Sufganiyot.

Our Speakers

Yaal Loven

Nortech-Platform CEO

Yaal is here to connect the dots. Yaal is a tech & social entrepreneur with vast experience in the fields of innovation, high-tech, regional economic growth projects and business development. He is the Co-founder & manager of Hula-Valley Tech community, and also  Co-founder as Bizdev leader at the startup Aroma-Tix.

Simcha Shore

Agroscout CEO

More than 25 years in developing new technologies including remote sensing computer vision deep learning drones and AI. ‏Consultant and lecture in the area of Drone technology. Drone technology expert.

Nitzan Sela Bloom

Program Manger, "Welcome Program", Eastern Galilee Regional Cluster

Manger of the “Welcome” program at the Eastern Galilee Regional Cluster- a program aimed to attract medical and technological talent.
Former manager of the XLR8 – Startup Accelerator for The Agency for SMB at the Ministry of Economy and Margalit Startup City. XLR8 helped to establish over 20 startups that raised more than 15 million NIS.
During her career she founded a hub for small business and consulted and assisted dozens of SMBs.
Relocated with her family to California on two different occasions.


Miri Yatziv

Regional Demographic Development manager, Upper Galilee Regional Municipality

Long term (years) experience in setting up and maintaining local region join projects.
leveraging employment opportunities and high degree studies as growth engines, to
deliver demographic growth and social evolution of remote localities.
Tel-Hai College, HR services studies – Head of the practical internship program
Ziv Medical Center – Public Relations Communications Manager

Nir Eli

Golan Heights Regional Municipality

Leading the Hi-Tech and innovation field at the Golan Heights Economic development Company, positioning this rapidly-developing area as an attractive destination for Hi-Tech businesses and professionals seeking to relocate to a region that offers exceptional quality of life.

Einat Sharony-Katz

Director of Operations, Lauder Center Galilee

She has years of experience in promoting the level of education and employment across Israel at all sectors. Along with her career path worked for Branco Weiss, the Elka Institute for Government , JDC (AKA Joint) as well as was the Head of Training Development for the Intelligence Unit of the IDF.

Boaz Roth

Head of Northern R&D, Valens

I am Boaz Roth, and for the past 6 years have been living in Ramat Magshimim on the Golan Heights.

I’m an Electrical Engineer with over 18 years of experience in ASIC and FPGA design (11 years at Samsung Semiconductors), with a specialization in leading and managing designers.

I’m opening an R&D site for Valens right on the Sea of Galilee and am recruiting verification engineers.


The Lauder Center for Employment in the Galilee and Nortech-Platform, thanks to the support of Jewish National Fund USA, is inviting hi-tech professionals to move North! We are here to assist you in your relocation while matching you with a great job in hi-tech!

the center

Employment | Education | Innovation

The center’s vision is to turn the Upper Galilee in general, and Yiron in particular, into the vanguard of education for sustainability, which would become a model for communities and educational spaces in Israel and worldwide.

Yiron would become a leading center for sustainability and education for sustainability, which would provide instruction, mentorship and activities, while enabling people to study in various sustainability projects, both Israeli and global.

Kibbutz Yiron

Kibbutz Yiron is located on a basalt plateau at 700 meters above sea level, on the Lebanese border. Yiron’s geographic location provides a comfortable climate during most months of the year, and a moderately cold winter, occasionally with some snow.

The kibbutz was founded after the war of independence, on the 20th of May 1948, as part of a chain of settlements along the border with Lebanon. Its founding members came from movements such as the Scouts, the Palmach’s “Yiftach” regiment and the “Freedom Pioneer” (“Dror Ha-Chalutz”) movement from Egypt. Over the years the founding members were joined by “Nachal” groups from the Israeli army, members of various youth movements, sons and daughters of other kibbutzim, and families from Israel and abroad.

Yiron’s population counts some 400 members, youth, residents and children. Kibbutz Yiron leads a collective lifestyle with an emphasis on sharing, equality and mutual responsibility. Yiron belongs to the “Me-uchad” kibbutz movement, and municipally to the Upper Galilee Regional Council. The kibbutz is at an approx. 30 minutes drive from towns and places such as Tzfat, Karmiel, Ma’alot, Tefen, Kiriat Shmona, the Tel-Chai Community College, Hatzor and Rosh-Pina.

Yiron’s economic strength stems from a variety of quality enterprises based on industry, agriculture and tourism. In addition, kibbutz members and residents are employed in a large variety of professions outside the kibbutz.