IR-MED - Specializes in Infrared Based Technologies for medical use


IR MED develops high usability medical devices based on the combination of Infra-Red (IR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The company has unique know-how of the interface between harmless IR radiation and the human body.

It is managed by highly experienced professionals in fields including: biochemical engineering, electro-optical engineering, optical spectroscopy, wave propagation and IR spectroscopy who are supported and assessed by key opinion leaders (KOL) from Israeli industries, academia, and medicine.

IR is an important tool in the medical sector. Unlike other imaging technologies it is both cost effective and harmless. It offers the ability to quickly identify conditions which are latent or invisible to the naked eye (going under the skin).

IR MED is first applying the technology for the prevention, through early detection, of pressure injuries (PI) to the skin and underlying tissue. Second application will be detection and diagnosis of ear infection, primarily in children followed by Followed by real-time, noninvasive optical monitoring for determining of different drugs in the patient blood, such as Propofol and other chemicals and drugs in the blood stream.

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Rosh Pinna, Israel

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Digital Health and Medical Device

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