Meckano is leading a revolution in employee time management and provides a one-stop-shop.


The system manages attendance, tasks, shifts, work agreements, and a lot of other tools in complete synchronization between the various platforms,
making Meckano a leading system in Human Resource management.
The knowledge and technology that we have garnered have enable us to translate our expertise in the industry into one incredibly user-friendly system.
We are professionals in the industry - because it’s our world and this is what we know how to do best!

Our Motto
Every morning we are entrusted with developing technological innovation and originality for human resources management,
and our aim is to bring about a real change in day to day work.
The system is constantly being developed and we pay a great deal of importance to the tiniest details so that the system fits your business like a glove!
Our guiding light is always a user experience that differs from what you have known up until now.

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Software Applications

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Nortech employer COnnector


Haifa, Israel

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