Autonomous robotic system for growing and picking mushrooms.


meshek{76}; is engaged in exploration, development and optimization of autonomous and sustainable agriculture.

The core technology stems from the ideological principles of open source and the fusion of high-end original development with various shelf products.

Using AI technologies and Big Data accumulated over time, we strive to implement a wide range of
comprehensive solutions for the automation in the production processes of greenhouse farming.

Ushering the next generation in agriculture, our systems will constantly increase efficiency and improve productivity, learning how to grow food with less waste and better quality, using maximum advantage of the growing areas while minimizing the use of resources.
Our mission is to free humanity from repetitive, manual and dangerous work by transferring the responsibility for managing food production, to coordinated, accurate and self-sustaining autonomous systems.

meshek{76}; is part of NVIDIA Inception program

for AI research and development.

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Shtula, Israel

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