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Accelerate your Industry 4.0 startup with real customers
The Galilee Accelerator for Smart Industry helps entrepreneurs create and promote startups addressing industrial challenges.

The Galilee Accelerator is a program dedicated to Israeli early-stage startups, developing solutions that can transform the manufacturing sector.
The program is managed by Ort Braude Academic Engineering College Karmiel, KLA, i4valley incubator, Karmiel city and Misgav Regional Council, partnering with industrial companies – Israeli and multi-national ones.

The accelerator is focusing on startups that target manufacturers as customers, taking part in the big wave of innovation in factories called Industry 4.0.

This includes innovations in manufacturing, maintenance, factories’ management and energy savings, supply chain and logistics, safety, quality and more, using advanced technologies.

We’ve established a network of industrial and tech companies, Israeli and multi-national ones, to help our entrepreneurs succeed while benefiting from innovative solutions and top-notch startups engagement. We’ll help you nail down your startup business model, reaching first customers to validate your business, make fast progress with your product, customers, funding and more.

We take no equity nor IP rights (see below). W’re waiting for you to come and use the accelerator to take your startup to the next level, and join the success of previously graduated startups.

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