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Finding your high-tech career
and new home in the Galilee

You can have it all!

You can find your home here, in the amazing Galilee, and a promising high-tech opportunity. Simply fill in the form below and we will assist you with finding your new home while matching it with a great high-tech position.

The Lauder Center for Employment in the Galilee and Nortech-Platform, thanks to the support of Jewish National Fund USA, is inviting hi-tech professionals to move North! We are here to assist you in your relocation while matching you with a great job in hi-tech!


The Relocation Project


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A great high-tech career
and a new wonderful home
in the amazing Galilee

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    Relocate to
    the Galilee

    You can scout our map of opportunities at any time, apply for tech jobs, find tech hubs, innovation entities or even tech related service providers.
    And, it is all free of cost, aimed to assist you in moving to the Galilee while achieving your career goal.

    Meet the Team

    Yaal Loven

    Nortech-Platform Co-Founder & CEO

    Yaal is here to connect the dots. Yaal is a tech & social entrepreneur with vast experience in the fields of innovation, high-tech, regional economic growth projects and business development. He is the Co-founder & manager of Hula-Valley Tech community, and also  Co-founder as Bizdev leader at the startup Aroma-Tix.

    Sharon Goldbart

    Nortech Platform Co-founder & COO

    Sharon is here to make sure that all the tech communities work together. Sharon is a project manager (R&D), tech accelerator manager, strategic consultant and mentor to pre seed startups. She is the founder and leader of KeremTech, a Galilee-based tech community.

    Einat Sharony-Katz

    Director of Operations, Lauder Center Galilee

    She has years of experience in promoting the level of education and employment across Israel at all sectors. Along with her career path worked for Branco Weiss, the Elka Institute for Government , JDC (AKA Joint) as well as was the Head of Training Development for the Intelligence Unit of the IDF.

    Hadar Alter

    Lauder center relocation coordinator

    Galilee Relocation Coordinator at the Lauder Center in the Galilee. Hadar has experience in leading projects in the fields of community and education. She is an expert in leading and guiding young adults with an emphasis on building solid communities

    Tamara Eiron

    Hula-Valley Relocation Manager

    I’m here to help you on your adventure in finding your success in the Eastern galilee and the Golan Heights. I will help you find suitable accommodations. I’ll connect you to the local communities and to the right people to help complete your process of relocation.

    The Lauder Employment Center

    The Lauder Employment Center’s vision is that the Negev and the Galilee will offer opportunities for personal and professional development in the realm of employment and will be a magnet for young adults and families who will choose to establish their lives in these regions.

    The first Lauder Center was established in 2015 in the Negev with the support and vision of Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, and Jewish National Fund USA. In November 2020, Ronald Lauder and JNF-USA opened the Galilee LEC in Akko, hoping to replicate the center’s success in the north.

    The Nortech
    Digital Platform

    The Nortech digital platform is a project created by the community, for the community. Over the past three years, our core team, supported by local professionals and entrepreneurs, has voluntarily helped startups to raise funds, has helped tech companies to find suitable human capital and has supported leading tech talent in relocating to the region.

    We helped to establish new R&D centers in the Galilee-Golan regions and more than 1,000 found jobs using our system.
    To date, more than 300 companies are listed on the Nortech platform and they are available for everyone to connect with.

    JNF - USA

    The Jewish National Fund, USA

    Jewish National Fund-USA’s strategic vision has been and always will be, to ensure a strong, secure, and prosperous future for the land and people of Israel. Each project, each program, each partnership, is consistent with JNF-USA’s strategic vision–population growth in the north and south, connecting the next generation to Israel, infrastructure development, ecology, forestation, heritage preservation, and more — all for the land and people of Israel.

    Jewish National Fund-USA sponsors a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing your relocation. From finding the right community with MAKOM, experiencing the Galilee with Western Galilee Now tourism consortium, tasting and developing food-tech in the North through the Galilee Culinary Institute, and participating in activities with Green Horizons and HaShomer HaChadash. JNF-USA does this in order to encourage people to build their lives in Israel’s frontier.


    Eretz-Ir is a nonprofit that promotes quality of life in cities in the geo-social periphery of Israel. We encourage civil activism and support social initiatives led by local entrepreneurs and communities, to create new services that improve the quality of life for residents.

    Since 2015, Eretz-Ir has operated the Lauder Employment Centers on behalf of Jewish National Fund, with the mission of creating more employment possibilities for the residents of the Negev and Galilee, thereby ensuring more residents will stay in these regions, build homes and establish families here.

    Relocated R&D’s 2021-2022

    The Northern Relocation Project is proud to present few of the companies that established their R&D in the Galilee-Golan regions this year

    You may also contact us directly: